Frequently Asked Questions

  • What credit cards do you take?

    We take Visa, Mastercard. We also accept PayPal.
  • My credit card was declined. Why?

    Declines are generated by our payment gateway or by your card-issuing company. There are (in general) two kinds of decline. One is some kind of data mismatch. The most common of these is to do with your address: our gateway checks the billing address you give us against the address on file for your card. The other common situation is a general decline that comes from your card issuer.
  • I got declined, but there’s plenty left on my card. Why?

    We’re finding that credit card companies seem to decline a percentage of transactions that come in from the ‘net. This seems to be a fraud prevention measure—by declining the transactions, they force you to contact them, and they can therefore verify that you are the actual card owner.
  • I got an address mismatch, but my statement still shows money was taken from my account!

    Credit card transactions are authorized in two steps. In the first, the payment gateway says “I want to charge $xx to card Y.” If the card has these funds available, the card company places a provisional hold on those $xx and responds OK back to the gateway. Along with that response, the card company sends the gateway some account information (such as the cardholder address). The gateway then performs the second part of the validation, checking this address against the billing address you supplied. If this match fails, the gateway tells both us and the card issuer. The funds that were placed under hold are never captured—you will not be charged.
    However, some card issuers release these held funds in a batch process, typically one that runs overnight. Because of this, you may see the held transaction appearing in your online credit card statement for a day or two.
  • How secure is the site

    We have taken every step we can think of to make your transaction secure.

    Our database is behind an internal firewall

    We never store your credit card details on any of our systems. The form that captures your credit card send the information using the secure HTTPS protocol directly to our payment gateway—we never see the credit card number. This means that If our servers are compromised, no credit card details can be revealed.

    Administrative access to our customer data is over HTTPS, and requires authentication. All access is logged.